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Klein ISD Launches Strategic Plan
May 16 2017 - 07:41:00 pm
70-member team worked relentlessly to bring plan to life 

Klein, TX – The Klein ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved the district strategic plan on May 8, 2017, after Dr. Bret Champion, superintendent, and Dr. Jenny McGown, chief learning officer, presented an overview and celebrated the work of the strategic planning team.

After receiving more than 600 applications to participate, a team of 70 members were selected to design a strategic plan for the district.

“This committed group of educators, parents and caregivers, business partners, and community members invested deeply in our shared vision over the last several months by thoughtfully creating a plan to make promise to purpose a reality for every student in the district,” Champion said.

This team reviewed over 1,300 pieces of written feedback from the community and sat at the design table with current Klein ISD students to ensure they listened to the unique and diverse perspectives of the Klein ISD community.

“Throughout the strategic planning process we learned together in a variety of ways, reading research and The Innovator’s Mindset, exploring current Klein ISD campuses and classrooms, reviewing our guiding documents, and capitalizing on and honoring the various experiences each member brought to the team,” McGown said.

After the team shared their final recommendations for targets and strategies connected to Pathways, Challenge, Equity, Leadership, and Continuous Improvement, common themes emerged—things like personalized learning, the importance of relationships, and the use of quality feedback to drive future success.

“Our goal was to have a strategic plan that fits on one page—something our entire community can easily identify, explain, and share with others,” Champion said. “We wanted an image that captures not only the key areas of focus for our strategic plan but also the connections with it and our shared vision and guiding documents, Profile of a Learner, Profile of a Leader, and High-Quality Teaching.”

The collective work of the team resulted in three strategic priorities: Reimagine Learning, Build Community, and Cultivate Talent. Each priority connects to specific strategies the team identified for each area of focus. • Reimagine Learning o Personalized Learning o Flexible and Challenging Curriculum o Standards-based Evaluation • Build Community o Relationships, Mentoring, and Partnerships o Engaging, Educating and Equipping Families o Cultural Responsiveness • Cultivate Talent o Best-in-class Leadership Pipeline o Feedback Loops and Self-reflection o Targeted Professional Learning

McGown is excited the plan is woven together through innovative thinking and surrounded by relationships, resources and committed adults, who the district calls “Promise2Purpose Investors”.

“A thread of innovation is what will continue to fuel and connect the specific action plans beneath these three strategic priorities,” McGown said. “And we called out relationships specifically, as the team’s conversations kept coming back to the idea that ‘no significant learning can occur without a significant relationship.’ We also wanted to clearly acknowledge that resources are needed to fuel this plan and that we will need all kinds of Promise2Purpose Investors working this plan to bring our shared vision to life.”

The district’s shared vision is at the heart of the plan, and the guiding documents surround and guide the work. Champion is excited and grateful to the team for their outstanding work.

“I sincerely thank the folks involved in this work as they are some of the most outstanding leaders in our Klein ISD community.  Today’s and tomorrow’s students are better off because of this team’s invested time,” he said.

To read more about the strategic planning process, visit http://vision.kleinisd.net.
Klein ISD School Board Approves Guiding Documents
May 02 2017 - 05:17:00 pm
‘Awe-inspiring words define who we are and what we do.’

Klein, TX – Each action in Klein ISD revolves around the district’s shared vision of every student entering with a promise and exiting with a purpose. Achieving this vision, known as Promise2Purpose, occurs through a strategic plan that focuses on pathways, challenge, equity, leadership, and continuous improvement. Along with these areas of focus, the strategic plan is designed using three guiding documents developed by collaborative design teams that define critical components for successful student learning.

Klein ISD students, alumni, parents, teachers, clergy, business owners, community members, state leaders, and others helped to design the guiding documents that include Profile of a Learner, Profile of a Leader, and a Definition of High-Quality Teaching. Superintendent Bret Champion said, “Each of the voices helped us to create guiding documents that are powerful and meaningful. Our community of learners will benefit from the awe-inspiring words which define who we are and what we do.”

“Guiding documents within a professional setting create and empower individuals to identify their alignment to the characteristics outlined and it helps us to improve continuously,” said Nitsch Elementary teacher, Shatara White.

The first guiding document, Profile of a Learner, is comprised of four traits: Pathway Explorer, Equipped Scholar, Values-Driven Leader, and Forever Learner. Rebecca Li, a Klein Collins senior, is excited about the direction the district is headed in defining a Klein ISD Learner. “It balances us, identifies us, equips us, interconnects our differences, moves us forward, and educates us on a deeper level.”

The cultivation of the Profile of a Leader guiding document originated with the Administrative Collaborative Team, a group comprised of all campus principals and district-level leaders, who worked together with members of the Holdsworth Foundation to formulate the vision of an effective and student-focused leader.

The Leader document also has four key components: Student Focused, Relationship Driven, Promise2Purpose Investor, and Forever Learner. All of these components will be critical as develop leadership within Klein ISD and look for external talent. The partnership between Klein ISD and The Holdsworth Institute is crucial in bringing this leadership pipeline to fruition for the future.

Nicole Patin, the Klein Cain High School principal, worked on bringing this guiding document to life and is excited about its possibilities: “I think Klein will continue to be a fantastic place to work, attend school, and live. The only difference is that, once we are all aligned with this profile, we will be empowering more leaders – both informal and formal leaders.”

High-Quality Teaching The final document is a definition of that consists of the following characteristics: Relationship-Driven, Results Focused, Intentionally Personalized, and Student-Owned. Wunderlich Intermediate teacher Pamela Kibbles loves this guiding document. She said, “Relationships, relationships, relationships. In my opinion, relationships always come first, when working with students and colleagues. I focus on results, intentionally personalize lessons in a way that students own their learning, and I continually foster a safe, judgment-free classroom.”

Klein ISD Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Jenny McGown, said it best when describing the importance of our guiding documents as more than words on paper: “The guiding documents represent the collective voice of thousands of Klein ISD stakeholders and are designed to be both inspirational and aspirational. Each guiding document expresses who we will be and what we will do to ensure that every student exits our district with a purpose and a clear pathway to success."

The Board approved the three guiding documents at the April meeting and are set to approve the strategic plan in May. Follow the progress of the district in moving Klein ISD toward our shared vision of having every student enter with a promise and exit with a purpose.

To learn more about Klein ISD's shared vision and draft guiding documents, visit the Promise2Purpose Vision website at http://vision.kleinisd.net.

Profile Video Links:
Learner - http://kisd.us/2oqgfXm
Leader - http://kisd.us/2ptKNuY
High Quality Teaching - http://kisd.us/2pVxO72

Summer School Calendar Now Available
May 01 2017 - 12:35:00 pm

The Teaching and Learning Team works closely with all campuses to meet the variety of academic and social needs of our students. Often students require additional, targeted support throughout the summer for the enrichment of academics and language support for the effective acquisition of content taught throughout the school year. The variety of summer enrichment and recovery programs provided by Klein ISD support the acceleration of students in varied pathways of their learning. Click here to view the summer school calendar.

This year, in order to help students succeed, we will have three district sites for summer school, and we are taking teaching applications at this time. The two elementary sites are Grace England and Mueller for Pre-K and Kindergarten Bilingual/ESL students, and Klein High School will host students who are taking initial credit courses. Teachers will be paid a daily rate of $195.

Registration for high school initial credit summer school will open on May 15th at each campus, and Summer school fee payments will be made online using Klein ISD’s online payment system, School Cash Online, https://kleinisd.schoolcashonline.com. The website can be accessed from the KleinISD.net homepage, click parents, then, parent online pay.

If you have any questions regarding summer school at Grace England or Mueller, please contact Dayna Hernandez at dzhernandez@kleinisd.net or 832-249-4182. For questions regarding Klein High School, please contact Kelly Schumacher at kschumacher@kleinisd.net or 832-249-4450.
Klein ISD chosen to participate in Holdsworth Center premier leadership inaugural cohort
May 01 2017 - 10:55:00 am
Only seven districts selected statewide for the pilot program

Klein, TX – The Holdsworth Center, a new leadership institute founded and funded by H-E-B Chairman and CEO Charles Butt, recently announced that Klein ISD will be among seven school districts to participate in the center’s inaugural cohort beginning in June. Previously, Klein ISD was chosen as one of only two districts to participate in a short pre-pilot program as the center began work around leadership development for school districts. This work led to the Profile of a Leader guiding document recently approved by the Klein ISD Board of Trustees that supports the district’s vision of every student entering with a promise and exiting with a purpose.

The Holdsworth Center has the goal of “supporting and developing public school leaders in order to improve the quality of education offered to every child in every classroom in Texas.” Joining Klein on this inaugural journey are Arlington, Grand Prairie, Lamar Consolidated, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo, Round Rock, Southwest Independent School Districts.

The acceptance process was extensive with a formal application process and site visits by the Holdsworth team. According to the Holdsworth Center, “the selected districts and finalists demonstrated an existing commitment to human capital and talent development and alignment of vision among the superintendent, key leadership team members and the board of trustees.”

“We are excited to begin our first program with a strong group of districts who have dynamic leaders at the helm,” said Kate Rogers, Executive Vice President of The Holdsworth Center. “Though all seven are doing great work, they’ve identified areas where they can improve and are open to creative solutions. Our staff is eager to help. In the end, the work we will do together benefits students by ensuring that every school has a great leader.”

Superintendent Bret Champion shared the news with his extended leadership team this week via a video complete with confetti poppers. He said, “Our leaders are excited and looking forward to partnering with Holdsworth to build a best-in-class leadership pipeline over the next five years. We believe that strong leaders are student focused, relationship driven, investors in the promise of others, and forever learners. This opportunity will help us move our Profile of a Leader into a dynamic program allowing Klein to grow and attain the best education leaders in the state.”

The program itself will be intensive and span five years kicking off this summer. The first cohort of school leaders will launch in the summer of 2018 with new cohorts launching yearly thereafter during the duration of the program. These cohorts will be exposed to the best leadership experts in the country and will explore their personal leadership in a setting that “promotes reflection, thought and dialogue.” Some topics that will be explored are change management, effective teaming, and best practices in talent management.

Leslie Kompelien, principal of Ulrich Intermediate, said, “I am excited that Klein ISD is part of The Holdsworth Leadership program because it will provide us with a strong framework to continue to build strong, creative, and committed leaders for our students.”

Dr. Jenny McGown, Chief Learning Officer, is overjoyed to partner with Kate Rogers, a previous Ford’s Salute to Education winner and Acting Executive President of The Holdsworth Center; Lindsay Whorton, a former Rhodes Scholar and Fulbright Fellow who serves as the Managing Director of District Services for The Holdsworth Center; and Marina Lin, graduate of Yale University and Columbia Law School, and Managing Director of Programs.

“Working with Kate, Lindsay, Marina and the other amazing Holdsworth team members is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Klein,” said McGown. “We could not be more grateful and proud to continue our partnership with Holdsworth, working with this extraordinary team to bring the Profile of a Leader to life for the benefit of our students.  Building strong leaders ensures that students will exit our system with a purpose full of endless possibilities for their lives.”

Klein ISD is proud to be part of the inaugural group of public school districts and promises to work diligently to develop a leadership pipeline that honors Mary Elizabeth Holdsworth Butt and her love for education.

The Holdsworth Center Headquartered in Austin, Texas and founded by Charles Butt, a lifelong advocate for public education, the Holdsworth Center will offer world class training and leadership development to school districts selected to participate through a generous multi-year investment.  Named after Charles’ mother, Mary Elizabeth Holdsworth Butt, an educator and dedicated philanthropist, the Center’s goal is to successfully support and develop the leaders of the more than 1,200 school districts in Texas and the thousands of campus leaders in the state in order to improve the quality of education offered to every child in every classroom. For more information, visit www.holdsworthcenter.org.
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