School Bus Evacuation Review
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Question 1
Which of the following is not a good reason for making an emergency evacuation?
Fire on the bus
Stalled on railroad tracks
Stuck in traffic
Bus is not visible when stopped on road
Question 3
Which of the following is not required emergency equipment on all buses?
Portable siren
First aid kit
Three reflective triangles
Fire extinguisher
Question 5
In performing a front door evacuation, start with passengers in the:
Left front seat
Right front seat
Left back seat
Right back seat
Question 7
Why should you move students away from the bus 100 feet, in the direction of oncoming traffic?
To give students a better view of the road
To give motorists a better view of the students
To protect the students from flying debris if another vehicle hits the school bus
To protect the students from gasoline fumes
Question 9
Provide information about the collision to:
Police, ambulance, firefighters and school district officials
Other drivers involved
Local news media
None of the above
Question 2
In the event of an emergency, what is the driver's primary consideration?
Getting the bus off the road
Notifying school bus radio dispatcher
Safety of the passengers
Completing insurance paperwork
Question 4
Which of the following should be in an emergency packet?
Telephone directory
Blank seating chart
A blank certified check for towing charges
Question 6
To help passengers exit by the rear door, use:
Driver as helper outside the bus
Student assistants outside the bus
2 student assistants inside the bus
Hydraulic lift
Question 8
After a collision, the first steps to take are:
Determine if evacuation is necessary and notify dispatch
Protect the scene, notify others of the collision
Secure the bus, protect the passengers
provide first aid, protect the scene
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