Wunderlich Letters dated 1853-1882
When members of the Wunderlich family visited Germany in 1985, they visited with Albrecht Wunderlich, who lives in the old Wunderlich homeplace in Weide, Germany. Albrecht shared with his Texas relatives eleven German letters or documents from 1853-1882 about the earliest Texas Wunderlichs. Nine were letters written from Texas by brothers Peter and Jost Wunderlich; one was a letter from pastor Woerner; and one was a receipt Jost gave his brother Johannes saying he had received all of his inheritance. The letters were written in the old German script. Heinz and Hannelore Kautzsch of Bottenhorn, who had done much research in Germany for many Klein families tracing their roots, first transcribed the documents into modern German and then translated them into English. Dr. Clarence Kaiser funded their work. The letters are reprinted here as they are found in Roger Wunderlich's The Wunderlich and Hofius Families.
Letter March 6, 1853
Letter January 8, 1854
Letter January 18, 1855
Letter April 13, 1857
Letter June 2, 1866 (Pastor woener)
Receipt September 10, 1866
Letter January 7, 1867
Letter April 11, 1867
Letter November 3, 1873
Letter November 5, 1874
Letter February 23, 1882
Letter July 12, 1884
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