The Farmer's Market at Wunderlich Farms

Being held the last Saturday of each Month, except November and December. We will be open from 10 am-2 pm.

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Wunderlich Family Farm

The Wunderlich family farm is owned by the August Wunderlich Jr family.  
August is a direct descendent of Peter Wunderlich and was raised and learned to farm on the land where the Wunderlich Museum sits.  Although August and his wife have full time jobs off the farm, they recently decided to farm part time to teach their daughter the value of hard work while earning money for her college fund. 
Although the scale of the current Wunderlich family farm is small, the family works hard to provide a quality homegrown product using best practices such as sustainable agriculture and integrated pest management. Foundation/august.jpg
Neal's Berry Farm Foundation/Neals.jpg

Our “almost-year-round” farmer’s market features local honey, nuts, jams, jellies, pickled vegetables, salsa, dressing, herbs, gift items, Circle E Candles, and  free-range eggs. We sell locally produced items when possible–look for the bright green labels denoting local products. If it is something we grew, the label will state “homegrown” also.

Edmonds Farms

Today, Edmonds Farms is working hard to preserve the heritage of family farming which has been passed down through many generations dating back to 1872. Edmonds Farms, though relatively young is part of a much older, established family farm and currently involves three generations of family working on the farm. Our family farm is a working farm growing fresh produce and raising grass-fed cattle. Along with bringing fresh produce to our local communities, we now offer completely grass-fed beef, without the use of any hormones or antibiotics. At Edmonds Farms, we grow all of our produce pesticide-free and deliver it to you within 24 hours of harvest insuring you get the freshest crops possible! Foundation/edmonds.jpg
PEAS Farm Foundation/PEAS.jpg
We a a small local farm raising fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, eggs and honey. We use organic farming methods in producing our foods.

Atkinson Farm

Hi, I'm Mike Atkinson, along with my wife Theresa, and my son Bobby. This is a 4th generation farm, with my grandfather having started farming in Harris county. My father and grandfather farmed through the 50s' while also running a grocery store on the north side of Houston, and in 1953 I came along. In 1961 my grandfather purchased the farm my son and I farm own today.
Presently today we farm about 100 acres of vegetables. We have two box trucks for RB Schoemann, 19 tractors, over 100 peices of equipment, and 8 full time workers at about 60-70 hours per week. We grow a variety of over 60 different vegetables year round, dependant on what is in service. Foundation/atkins-farm.jpg
Theiss Farms Foundation/theiss.jpg

The Theiss Family has been producing vegetables and other farm and ranch products for over 158 years in Harris County, selling these products to the people of this community, Houston area, as well as Harris and surrounding counties. We plan to continue this family tradition, thanks to you, our friends and customers.

Shiner Pork

Blessed by God, our Creator and Provider, our farm is located on the rolling hills of the Shiner Prairie. A small farm, it is the home of English Large Black hogs and Beefmaster cattle. This small 97 acre farm wants to become a source for wholesome, delicious, family-farm raised food for you, your family and your friends.
We raise our pigs and cattle in a small, caring environment, with the animals treated kindly, humanely, each and every day. Raised on grass and wholesome grains, the care given each animal shows in the quality of pork and beef we produce. Our seasonal vegetables are hand picked every day, for freshness. You’ll taste the difference in each and every bite. Foundation/shiner pork.png

Let Me Cook Today Foundation/meatloaf.jpg

Carla Mello and Anna Vargas, residents of Spring, TX, join together to launch a catering business to serve Spring, Tomball, The Woodlands, Cypress and surrounding areas.
The Vargas family roots are much related with the art of cooking. Anna’s dad was born in Italy and studied cooking in England and Canada, where he got married with a Colombian. They then moved to Colombia where he started his Italian restaurant business. Anna grew up around the restaurant business learning to cook, to select best ingredients, and to interpret customer reactions. Carla’s grandmother had a bed and breakfast company in Brazil dedicated to business travelers. At her family, cooking for family reunions was an event with multiple reasons to celebrate; just being together around the kitchen was enough reason to invent, experience, and have fun. Cooking was never an obligation, but a hobby filled with passion and love.
Let me cook today believes that cooking is a never ending art. It is like composing music or painting, your heart has to be part of it during the whole process: selecting the ingredients, choosing how much of each should be used, and in which sequence they should be cooked. We are also fascinated by the multiple combinations and by the endless possibilities that a single change can bring to a dish.

Love and Kindness

Love and Kindness strives to create products that use only the highest quality ingredients. Our pledge to you is simple. Our products contain natural Vegetarian ingredients.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfates FREE
Paraben FREE
Phthalate FREE
Cruelty FREE
Mineral Oil FREE
Artificial Pigment and Dye FREE
Formaldehyde FREE

Love and Kindness is a Skin, Earth, and Animal friendly company. Foundation/love bucket.jpg

Taste of Asia Foundation/asia.jpg

At Taste of Asia,we believe that the quality of life depends upon three basic principles: reducing stress, exercise, and eating healthy food. Our personal mission is to provide the best possible food for everyone, so that we can all nourish ourselves in the most delicious and nutritious way. In our prepared food, we include produce grown by local farms free of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals.

Nativa: All Natural Soaps

We make soap in small batches to retain quality, and our kitchen is currently located in southeast Texas.
  • Soap made from pure vegetable oils
  • No additives, dyes or synthetics
  • Eco friendly ingredients
  • Using the power of essential oils to lift your mood
  • Moisturizing with natural, sensitive, coconut, olive & palm oils Foundation/nativa.jpg

Della Casa Pasta Foundation/casa.jpg
DellaCasa Pasta…real pasta the way it was meant to be. No preservatives or artificial ingredients, just fresh, all-natural pasta. Pasta, Raviolis Lasagnas and Sauces the way you would make them if you had the time. Fresh, healthy fresh meals, without all the work.
We will have different fresh pastas to choose from, including a ready to bake fresh lasagna and a bolognese sauce that even the pickiest eaters will love. Just don't let them know that it's packed with veggies! So make sure to stop by and look around. It will be a great opportunity to pick up a quick meal for the weekend or even stock up for the busy week ahead. Your family will be sure to love the fresh taste of our pasta and never want to go back to the supermarket variety!

King of the Pit BBQ Sauce

Our Award Winning Texas style Bar-B-Que Sauces were created out of our love for Bar-B-Que. We began making these sauces in our kitchen in 1990 for family and friends and now excited to share them with you. “If UR Lookin U Ain’t Cookin” Foundation/king pit.jpg

Marchese Italian Sausage Foundation/marchese.jpg
While our company is new, our sausage recipe is not. Brought to the United States in 1907 from Palermo, Sicily by Ottavio Marchese (Johnny Marches), our sausage recipe is a flavorful blend of meats and spices that bring the taste of Sicily to your family table. Marchese Sausage Co., Inc. was established in 2010 for the sole purpose of sharing our grandfather's and father's recipe with you. PLEASE ENJOY!

MB Vintage Essentials

Handmade soaps, lotions, lip balms, and baby bottom balms. Using only the most natural and organic products. Perfect for those with sensitive skin and babies.
The ideas behind these products were concieved while touring this historical farmstead. Foundation/vintage essentials.jpg

Doggiee Snack Bar Foundation/doggiee.png
Created using ONLY EARTH & ECO-FRIENDLY ORGANIC and NATURAL doggiee treats. Using ingredients that are USDA/FDA certified, rest assure that DSB products are never prepared with chemicals that can be harmful to your pet. Everything created at Doggiee Snack Bar is made without adding sugar, salt, artificial ingredients, chemicals, or unnecessary fats and oils. We only use organic & natural ingredients such as herbs, fruits, nuts, grains, wheat, unbleached products, and vegetables savoring only the flavors that doggiee(s) love and you cand identify with.We also keep our products fresh by making treats ONLY when you place an order. Each DSB package is sealed airtight to hold in a freshness anyone on four legs would love.
Doggiee Snack Bar offers the highest quality in products, healthy treats and certified programs. We strongly believe in protecting our environment, that's why we use 100% biodegradable & natural recycle packaging for our products. Look forward to furthering the growth of fresh treats, stylish items and OutstandingDOGGIEE Customer Service!

Java Pura Coffee Roasters

JAVA PURA is a Houston based coffee roaster dedicated to bringing our clients the best coffees from around the world. Formed in 2008 as a partnership between Richard T. Colt and Fielding L. Cocke, JAVA PURA's mission is to provide our city, our friends and our clients with the freshest, locally roasted coffee possible. We select only the top class of green bean coffees from the premier growing regions around the world and roasts them in our small batch drum roaster. Many of our coffees are Fair Trade, organic and in some cases come directly to JAVA PURA from limited production farms for sole use by JAVA PURA. Our beans are then made available within 24 hours of roasting, ensuring the best coffee experience possible for our customers. Foundation/java.jpg

Spring Orchids Foundation/orchids.jpg

Black Bird Foods

Growing up in the Cajun corner of Texas the food was amazing, and we celebrated every event with a good feast. Barbeques for weddings. Crawfish boils for graduation. Gumbo for Christmas Eve. One item that particularly stands out in my memory are the little spicy Cajun pies my great aunts would bring to reunions. Now based in Houston, good food still reminds me of home, but I’ve picked up a few flavors along the way. One thing I especially love are pies. It’s amazing the way this delicious convenient food can be found across cultures. Some of the pies I make are traditional, like the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie from my husband’s family and some are cross cultural like the Chicken Tikka Masala. All are made with local organic ingredients. Hope you give one a try today. Foundation/black bird.jpg

Salinas Salsa Works Foundation/salsa.png
"My great grandmother, grandmother and mother made their salsa fresh. Tomatoes, peppers from the back yard, onion, fresh squeezed lime juice and spices. The flavors and memories of my childhood come alive in every batch! It honors me and them to share that flavor with you!"
- Ken Salinas, Chief Chile-head

Simpli Clean

Many people realize the problem of using harsh chemicals to clean their homes, but it can be cost prohibitive to buy most of the natural cleaning products on the market today. Most environmentally friendly products out there are very expensive.

Because of this, we wanted to make cleaning products that were more affordable and provided all of the benefits of products made from more environmentally-friendly ingredients.

Our main goal is to provide products that are environmentally friendly, easy to use and affordable. We also want to promote recycling and reusing, so we utilize containers that are recyclable. We list all of the ingredients we use for your perusal. Nothing is hidden...check it out! Foundation/simpli clean.jpg

Big Creek Farms Foundation/big creek.jpg
Our most popular product is our creamed honey that we make in both regular flavor and cinnamon. Jim and Hailey spend most of their time explaining how it is made to customers since most Texans have never seen or tasted it.
All of our candles are hand poured and there are variety of molds that we hope you enjoy. From pillars to decorative and seasonal candles, we are pouring them!

Check out our Beeswax Lotion Bars, Lip Balms, Body Butter, and Body Scrubs below. They come in various scents and flavors.

Grande Tamales

GrandE Tamales, LLC is a family owned business offering hand crafted tamales with authentic Mexican flavor at local farmer's markets and H.E.B. Stores in the Houston, TX area.
Our gourmet cooking brings the quality, taste, and consistency of our "masa" to perfection, as well as our exhuberant "salsa" flavors, which represent a long standing tradition of the mestizo cuisine. Foundation/grande_tamales.jpg

Salt Spices and More Foundation/salt spices.jpg
Sherry`s - Blends- are simple to use, but the resulting flavors are awesome. All ingredients that you will need are in the Blends, in the exact proportions necessary to make a delicious dish. Simply sprinkle on your food, cook, enjoy.!!!
Sherry`s - Rubs - are extremely intense in flavor and require no additional ingredients. Put on your meat at room temperature and allow to sit for approximately twenty minutes. Sherry`s Steak Rub gives the meat a deep Peppery flavor, like you would expect at the finest restaurants. Only the finest of ingredients are in these Rubs!!
Sherry's - Seasonings - are made from the finest ingredients available, and will enhance the flavor of any dish. Sprinkle on while cooking or at the table and taste the difference that fresh spices bring to your dining experience.

Paleo Cottage

We are health enthusiasts who have adopted the Paleo lifestyle and haven’t looked back since.
Our mission is to deliver healthy nutrition to the homes of people in the Houston and surrounding areas. Our homemade nut and seed butters have been lovingly crafted with simple ingredients of the highest quality to satisfy both the senses and your sensibility. We offer a variety of healthful flavors you won’t find in major retail stores. ?We care about health, plain and simple. (And that includes yours!) We believe in pure, natural, good-for-you ingredients but we also believe in flavor, variety, and exciting our taste buds. We believe that nutritious food can also be delicious food and we want to help spread the word! Peanut allergies are on the rise, commercial processing methods are questionable, and ingredient lists are becoming more foreign and continue to grow at a rapid pace. We believe you deserve better and are thrilled to offer such a wide variety of tasty alternatives. Sample them all and find your favorite. (That is, if you can pick just one.) Foundation/paleo.jpg

Ed Cova (Kettle Corn) Foundation/corn.jpg

TuskGarlic (Mike Foss)

Elephant Garlic, Olive Oil and Olive Trees. Foundation/Elephant-Garlic-Images.jpg
Olivero Farms Foundation/Olivero.jpg
Fresh pressed olive oils, along with nourishing olive oil based soaps, and lotions. Taste the difference!
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