Schoology Family Access (Parent Access)


What is Schoology?
Schoology (pronounced "Skoo-lu-jee") is our Learning Management System that allows students to collaborate, communicate, and engage in learning. Teachers use Schoology to give classroom updates, post their classroom materials online, and provide a safe forum to students to discuss their ideas and collaborate on projects. With Schoology, teachers can engage in new ways.
Use the following links to access your Schoology account: Parents can view their children's activity within the Schoology platform. A Schoology Parent Account gives you access to:
  • The classes your child is enrolled
  • Your child's upcoming assignments
  • School and class announcements

**IMPORTANT - This is NOT the official grade book so please continue to use Skyward Family Access to view your student's grades."

How to Login to Schoology Parent Portal

Parents: To access the Schoology Parent Portal, go to This is not the same URL that our students use.
1. Enter your username and password. If you need assistance with your login credentials, email [email protected].
2. Select  Klein ISD  with the green arrow.
3. Select  Login. 
Schoology Login
Login Instructions in English

Login Instructions in Spanish

How to Change Your Password
1. Log in to Schoology.
2. Select the arrow next to your student's name and choose  Account Settings.
Schoology Account Settings
3. Under Account Password, select Change your password. 
Schoology change password
4. Enter a  new password and confirm the password. We recommend using the same password that you use for Skyward Family Access.
Schoology confirm password
Instructions (English)


Navigating the Parent Portal in Schoology
Once you log in to Schoology, you will land on your child's activity page. Having a parent account is actually like having two accounts:
1. Your personal account, with your own name and information;
2. Your Child Activity view. From here, you can view Schoology from your child's perspective, and see what he or she sees, and receive updates about his or her activity.
 To see the different accounts, click on the drop-down next to your child's name in the upper-right corner and then select the account you want to view.
Schoology parent accounts

Navigating the Parent Portal(English)

 Navigating the Parent Portal(Spanish)
Understanding the Student Activity View
Schoology Child's Activity View
1. The Student Activity area in the center of the page displays your child's recent submissions, grades, and updates.
2.  Enrollments - to see a list of courses that your child is currently enrolled in, along with his or her grade.
3. The Recent Grades area lists graded assignments, tests/quizzes, and discussions for the student. Click on the item you will like to view. Klein does not use Schoology for attendance.
4. The Overdue section displays a list of course material your child did not turn in by the due date.
5. The Upcoming section displays a list of your child's upcoming assignments and events.
6.  Courses - You can see a list of your child's current courses. Click on a course name to navigate to the course to see the course as your child views it.
7. Groups - You can see a list of your child's Schoology Groups. 
8.  Grades  - Click here to access the following:
  • Grade Report: Review your child's grades for the course ***Remember that Skyward is the official gradebook for Klein***
  • Mastery: If the teacher has aligned standards and learning objectives to the material, you can view them here.

9. Calendar: Click here to view a calendar of past and upcoming events and assignments.

Parent Account - Notifications
Schoology sends email notifications for Social, Academic, Group, and School activity that occurs in your account. These notifications pertain to the school, courses, and groups that you are enrolled (not courses or groups in which your child is enrolled). You can adjust these notifications. 
To access your personal account notifications, click the arrow in the upper right corner of Schoology, and select Settings. Then click the Notifications tab. 
Parent Notifications
Schoology Mobile App
Schoology Mobile App(Instructions)
1. Download the Schoology mobile app from the Apple Store(IOS) or the Play Store(Android).
2. Open the app and select Continue to Schoology
Schoology Mobile App Install
3. Enter your full email address and your password. (The app requires your full email address). Select  Log In.
Schoology App Log in
4. Select the left menu.
Schoology App Left Menu
5. Select My Children.
Schoology My Children
6. Select your student and navigate to courses.

Selecting Your Language
You can set the language for your Schoology experience. At the bottom of every Schoology page is a footer. 
Schoology Footer
1. Language Selector - Use this menu to set the language. Select the language and click on Save.
Schoology Select Language

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