Summer Programs

summer programs

Please CLICK HERE to see the offering of courses for our students in the summer.


If you have any questions about summer programs, please reach out to your campus principal, or your School Contact Information.

Did you know that Klein ISD offers state-of-the-art summer curriculum and learning for students at many grade levels for not only interventions, but getting ahead?

This is a great opportunity to make sure your child is ready for success during the school year! With options for every student grades PK-12 from building literacy and math skills to making music through orchestra, the options are abundant!

The Klein ISD Teaching and Learning Team made it their goal to work closely with all campuses to meet the various academic and social needs of our students. The variety of summer enrichment and recovery programs provided by Klein ISD supports the acceleration of students in the varied pathways of their learning.

With course offerings and activities for both in-person and virtual formats, there is something below for every student.

Opportunities include:

  • Initial Credit Courses
  • Credit Recovery
  • Enrichment
  • College and Career Readiness Programs including Certifications
  • Community Partner Enrichment Programs
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