Leadership Pipeline Review (LPR)

What is the Leadership Pipeline Review (LPR)? Formerly known as the Applicant Review Committee?

The Leadership Pipeline Review (LPR) is a cross-functional group of Klein ISD staff members who are selected to review Assistant Principal applications prior to entering the Klein AP P2P Pipeline. 

The LPR is composed of a group of central office and campus-based staff throughout Klein ISD. Campus-based staff will include Teachers, Principals, and Assistant Principals. Central Office staff will include leaders from the Human Resource and Teaching and Learning.

The LPR is a rotating group of individuals. There are four LPR meetings each year and after a year of service, each LPR group “refreshes” with new committee members. 

What is the commitment for LPR members?

LPR members will need to make a commitment of 8-10 hours four times per year, and an additional 2-3 hours at the beginning of the commitment at the beginning of the year for training. 

  • 2-3 hours for training 
  • 8-10 hours of reviewing applications and video interviews (can be done remotely) 
  • 2 hours for in-person calibration and decision meeting (must be in person)
How do I join the LPR group?