Counseling & Whole Student Wellness

The Counseling Program focuses upon helping every student have a feeling of self-worth and dignity, helping the student to understand him/herself, enabling the student to fully develop potential, and helping the student to achieve greater self-direction in situations where he/she must exercise choice.

Guidance Program
Guidance services will be available to all students. Counselors are ready to give personal, educational, and vocational counseling and guidance whenever it is needed. The scope of the services provided by the counselors includes orientation, inventories and case studies, information-giving, individual and group counseling, placement and scheduling, standardized test result interpretation, identification of students with special abilities or needs, parent consultations, and referrals to outside agencies. Parents are encouraged to call the counselor for information or assistance on any matter concerning a student.

Guidance Program Information & Campus Contacts

For More Information:

Kayla Shaw, M.Ed
Officer for Counseling and Whole Student Wellness

Jennifer Matus, M.S.S.W
Counselor Coordinator

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