A-F Accountability Overview

"The 84th Legislature passed HB 2804, changing the Texas school accountability system so that every campus and district receives one of five ratings from A-F. Much like students receive grades in individual subjects and those are combined for a GPA, the law requires schools and districts to be issued grades based on five different areas of performance or “domains,” and those five grades must be combined into a single overall rating." (excerpt from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) A-F Overview)

Beginning in Spring 2018, each campus and the district will receive a letter grade A-F for each of five domains: Student Performance, Student Progress, Closing Performance Gaps, Postsecondary Readiness, and Community and Student Engagement and an overall A-F rating. Although this rating system is slated to begin in 2018, the first week in January, 2017 TEA released a "work-in-progress" model of the A-F ratings based on the grade each campus and the district would have received for Domains I-IV for 2015-16 had the A-F rating system been in place. This preliminary A-F rating does not impact the official 2016 district or campus accountability rating.

Klein ISD, refers to this release of preliminary grades as the unofficial “What If” ratings and strongly believes that a single letter grade is not and will never represent all that is occurring on Klein ISD campuses and throughout the district. The reduction of our schools to a single grade in each of four domains discards and devalues the unique qualities and gifts of over 51,000 students and unfairly reducing every student to a school’s assigned grades. 

Below is the Board of Trustees resolution, a letter to the community from Superintendent Champion, and numerous videos and press releases that speak to the district's dissatisfaction with the complicated accountability system that does little to improve public schools but much to hurt the students and employees working hard everyday within the state's school systems.

Klein ISD Board of Trustees A-F Resolution
Letter to the Community English & Spanish
What is A-F? Video
90 Seconds Video EnglishSpanish & Vietnamese
Wunderlich Int: More Than a Rating Video & Press Release
Krahn Elem: More Than a Rating Video & Press Release
Epps Island Elem: More Than a Rating VideoPress Release
Klein ISD A-F What If Ratings 


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