Clinic Volunteers Information

Clinic Volunteers

Volunteers,  under the direction of the schools nurse are needed for student traffic flow to and from the screening area. Volunteers may also be asked to record the results of the vision and hearing tests as directed by the school nurse and / or certified screeners.

School nurses organize the vision and hearing screenings and supervise the volunteers. 

When vision or hearing problems are noted, volunteers know that students’ lives will be better because of their service for young learners.

Please contact your campus nurse or volunteer coordinator with questions. 

All clinic work requires a confidentiality statement to be signed and filed with the clinic. Please see the document container below for a sample release. 

Area of Work

  • Vision and Hearing Screening 
  • Immunization programs
  • Health promotion programs


  • The volunteer will assist the school nurse and/ or certified screeners with moving students through designated stations.  Some campuses may request assistance with measuring student’s height and weight during the vision and hearing screenings.

Work Location:           

  • Any area in the school set up for the programming.  

Job Duration:              

  • One to several days.


  • The volunteer will work under the direction and supervision of the school nurse and/ or certified screeners.
  1. Bring students from class to the area used for programming.
  2. Record results of the vision and hearing tests as directed by the school nurse and/ or certified screeners. 

Volunteer Qualifications:             

  • Able to be calm and caring towards children. 


  • The clinic volunteer contributes greatly to school health by assisting the school nurse in providing health programming to students.  Identification of possible vision and hearing problems or access to immunizations improves student success. Due to HIPAA restrictions, the nurse cannot utilize volunteers for record management in the clinic.
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