Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) Program

What is Klein's TXVSN Program?

TXVSN is the Texas Virtual School Network is an interactive, collaborative, instructor-led online course taught by state certified and appropriately credentialed teachers. In Klein ISD, the TXVSN program allows students to take high school credit courses not offered on the High School campus, if there is a schedule conflict, or to take courses to get ahead.

What can I expect?

While every student is different, every course is different, and every teacher is different, students can expect to have a rigorous course that has been reviewed and approved by the Texas Virtual School Network reviewers.

Are the TXVSN courses harder than classes on campus?

Online classes themselves tend to be more challenging because students work more independently than in most face-to-face classes. Additionally, the rigor is often times higher and the course pace moves more quickly than some students expect.

Why would a student take an online course through TXVSN?

A student may take courses to get ahead - to accelerate the courses in order to graduate early. A student may also take online courses because the course option may not be available on campus, or because the student needs to manipulate the daily schedule in order take courses only offered at certain times (band, for example).
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