Budget Efficiencies & Maximizing State Funding Formula

Why not just make budget cuts to raise the needed funds?
We agree that trimming the budget is prudent which is why we have implemented a plan to shore up the M&O budget by $8 million  over the next three years.
How did you determine where to best make these budget cuts?
Analysis of the Klein ISD budget compared to comparable districts (shown in the chart) allowed us to determine where we spend funds differently compared to this peer group. We then studied which of the areas where we outspend our peers would have the least impact on students.
District Peer Groups Chart
In doing your analysis, where did you find you are spending differently that the peer group?
When compared to our peers in areas like general administration, extracurricular activities, instructional leadership, and facility maintenance and operations, we spend more efficiently.
Spending differently that the peer group chart.
Also, the analysis indicates we invest more than our peers in direct classroom instruction, counseling, school leadership, teacher training, and security.
Investing more than our peers directly into the classroom chart.
The table below summarizes the Klein ISD spending differences when compared to peer districts:
Efficiency Chart and Investing More Chart

Does the eight million in budget reductions over the next three years allow Klein ISD to balance the budget?
No, after the $8 million budget reductions, the shortfall is $22.2 million.
What types of things will be included in the $8 million budget shoring up?
We are studying budget areas like non-campus department budgets and staff through attrition, among others. Our goal is to have the least impact on the students with these budget reductions.

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