Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Assistant principal on bus duty.Assistant principal on his computer.
What is the new AP application process?
Application process.
How was this process created?
The Holdsworth/Klein Collaborative Selection Working Group spent the fall and winter of 2017-2018 envisioning and designing a new, transparent Assistant Principal selection process that is fully aligned to Profile of a Leader. Throughout the process, the working group received feedback from Principals and central office staff members on the design of the process.  It was this working group that determined and built the criteria we use currently to screen and thoroughly review all candidates.  Each year this process is more refined to meet the needs of campus leaders and teams as well as remaining equitable and transparent with the goals.
When did the new process launch?
The new pipeline application process began June 1, 2018.  The Applicant Review Committee (ARC), newly renamed, the Leadership Pipeline Review (LPR), began the new application review process in July 2018.
How is this process different from AP selection processes that Klein has had in the past?

In designing this new AP selection process, the Selection Committee had several goals in mind:

  • Increase Transparency to create a process that is clear and fair to all
  • Create a process that is easy for applicants and for hiring managers
  • Align all elements of the selection process to Profile of a Leader

Unlike our previous processes, the new AP selection process is transparent at all stages, aligned to Profile of a Leader, and eases the burden on Principals as they make hiring decisions. 

When is the next open window for P2P Pipeline Applications?


What is the selection criteria?

Klein ISD aspiring leaders that are ready to take on leadership in the role of Assistant Principal should internalize and demonstrate the characteristics outlined in Klein’s Profile of a Leader, which can be found in Klein ISD's Guiding Documents.