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Our 501(c)3 status has been revoked? What do we do?
Refer to the IRS Guidelines for reinstatement of status.  There are 4 options depending on the length of time since revocation.  Group exemption is no longer an option.  Organization must file form 1023 and pay filing fee.
What documents must be turned in each year?
1.  Year - End Information Sheet (GASB 39)
2.  Financial Review & Audit
3.  Copy of filed 990
4.  Copy of sales tax reports filed.
5.  Updated by-laws (if applicable)

These should be submitted to campus administrator and to district administration.
How many fundraisers are we allowed to have?
Each organization is allowed up to 3 fundraisers per year subject to administrator approval.  Fundraiser is defined as any activity with the intent to raise funds.  Spirit Nights do not count towards the 3 allowable fundraisers but are still subject to administrator approval.  All requests should be submitted using the online forms found on the Fundraiser Request & Analysis  Form page.

Booster Clubs

Who should I contact with UIL questions?
Please contact your sponsor/coach with questions related to UIL guidelines.  The guidelines can also be found on the UIL website.
Can booster clubs write checks to the coach or sponsor?
Booster clubs cannot pay district employees for services.  All payments to employees should be processed through the district.  Booster clubs should either donate funds to the campus activity fund or pay for items directly and donate to the school.
How long should we keep records?
Can we charge students for awards banquet if parents are not members of booster?
No, booster club activities should benefit all students in the organization.
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