Digital Citizenship

Be a good Digital Citizen

The internet offers a multitude of learning opportunities for students. Klein Librarians are leaders in teaching information about being safe, ethical, and productive citizens while online.

Internet Safety

In accordance with HB 3171, Section 38.023, the Texas Education Agency has developed and made available to school districts a list of resources concerning Internet Safety.

Digital Citizenship is appropriate, responsible behavior while using technology. To become a good digital citizen, students must:

    • Respect Yourself and Others 
    • Educate Yourself and Connect with Others 
    • Protect Yourself and Others

Students learn about each of these topics in the library as well as in the classroom. When using Klein ISD computers or networks, students agree to abide by the district's Acceptable Use Policy. This policy is in place to protect both the students and others while using the Internet.


  • Etiquette -- Treat others as you wish to be treated. Be kind. Be respectful.
  • Access -- Help ensure that all citizens have equal access to the Internet.
  • Law -- Use the Internet in an ethical and law-abiding manner.


  • Communication -- Make smart decisions when communicating electronically. Ensure that electronic communications (texts, chats, emails, instant messages, etc.) protect your identity, are not harmful to another to yourself or another person, and will not create a dangerous situation.
  • Literacy -- Learn how to search for and process digital information. Students are faced with new information 24/7/365. Learning to discern reputable, trustworthy, accurate information is a crucial skill to become an effective digital citizen.
  • Commerce -- Buyer Beware. Take precautions to keep financial information out of the hands of criminals while conducting online purchases.


  • Rights & Responsibilities -- While digital citizens have rights (privacy, free speech, etc.), they also have the responsibility to use the Internet in an appropriate manner.
  • Safety & Security -- Take the appropriate steps to keep yourself safe while on the Internet. Virus protection, data backup, strong passwords, and smart browsing and communication habits.
  • Health & Welfare -- Don't spend too much time on the computer. Rest your eyes, sit in an ergonomic position, take breaks. Ensure that your mental health is protected as well. Set limits on Internet use and stick to them.
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