Available Long Term Substitute Positions

These positions are available only to CURRENT Klein substitutes. If you are not a current substitute, please submit a sub application through the job postings link. If your application is selected, you will receive an email invitation to attend an in-service class, then you will be eligible for one of these long-term assignments. Please do not contact the campus if you are not a CURRENT substitute.



High School

Intermediate School

Wunderlich Intermediate School- Long term sub needed 3/4/20-5/31/20. 7th grade Math. certified preferred. Please contact Ms. Kelly Strickler at 832.375.8471 or kstrickler1@kleinisd.net 

Elementary School

***Teaching & Learning Center***

STEAM Express Substitute -Teacher certification or STEM degree preferred. Please contact Michele Thompson, mthompson2@kleinisd.net 832-2494470

Krahn Elementary School-Long Term Sub for Kindergarten starting 3/16/20. Please contact Ms. Marcie Detwiler at 832.484.6463 mdetwiler@kleinisd.net 

Brill Elementary School-
Special Education Aide-Early childhood. starting 2/25/20. Please contact Ms. Sandra Granier at 832-484-6123

Haude Elementary School-
Long Term Sub needed for 4th grade Math/Social Studies/Science, starting on 2/5. Please contact Ms. Lisa rogers at 832.484.5592

Mittelstadt Elementary School-
Long Term Sub needed for 5th grade, starting on 12/16/19. Please contact Ms. Anneta Persaud at apersad1@kleinisd.net

Zwink Elementary School-
Long Term Sub needed for 1st grade and 4th grade. Please contact Ms. Diana Markowski at 832-375-7753 or at dmarkowski1@kleinisd.net

Mueller Elementary-Long Term Sub needed-Music, certified preferred 10/14-12/20/19. Please contact Ms. Nancy Guarnier at nguarnieri1@kleinisd.net



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