Elementary Counseling Program

In Klein ISD, each elementary school has a school counselor to assist students and parents/guardians with educational, personal, and career development aspects of the student’s growth. In order to provide an effective guidance program in the elementary schools, the following guidelines have been formulated.

  • The primary focus of the program is directed toward educational guidance with emphasis upon direct contact with both parents and students
  • Conferences with students and parents are encouraged
  • Group guidance directed toward meeting the needs of a specific group of individuals is scheduled in addition to individual conferences
  • Counselors use available data to assist students and parents in planning the educational program

The guidance curriculum is designed to help students acquire age-appropriate knowledge and skills within the scope of the following content areas: Self-confidence development; Motivation to achieve; Decision-making, Goal-setting, Planning, Problem-solving skills; Interpersonal effectiveness; Communication skills; Cross cultural effectiveness; and Responsible behavior. Parents are encouraged to contact the school counselor for any assistance the student needs.

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