What parents need to know

A Career and Technical Education program can:
Show how reading, math, and science are used in careers by relating academic subjects to the real world. Start college studies while in high school through dual enrollment with a community college. Add a new dimension to learning with “hands-on”, in addition to “eyes-on” activities – a more effective way of learning.

Enhance Success in School:
CTE programs teach the Texas Academic Standards needed to be successful on the state graduation exam while enhancing students’ enjoyment of school. Academic Standards may come easier when taught in a Career and Technical program.

Provide College Prep and Career Prep:
CTE blends rigorous academic content with technical skills in a hands-on setting so students find greater meaning and greater success in their studies. Career and Technical programs meet the entrance requirements of four-year colleges and universities while including skills employers are looking for.

Challenge Students to Think:
CTE students are challenged to apply theoretical knowledge - learned in academic & technical classrooms - to practical problems in laboratories or at worksites. This is a basic lifetime skill.

Test Career Interests before College:
CTE provides career focus as insurance for success in post secondary education. Before students invest in college, they can test their interest in areas such as health care, culinary arts, information technology, hospitality, child care, agriculture, and business - just to mention a few.

Help Pay for College:
Technical skills that focus on a specific career area help students get better higher paying jobs to meet the cost of college education. 

Broaden Lifelong work and Educations Options:
CTE prepares students for well-paying satisfying careers even in nontraditional fields.

Acquire Life Skills:
CTE programs instill the desire to learn because every student feels a sense of accomplishment. Personal skills such as self-confidence, self-awareness, good work-habits, practical problem solving, punctuality, reliability, and teamwork are essential in any career. 

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