School, Business & Community Partnerships Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • The district will accept donations of funds or tangible property as long as the donation is in compliance with state/federal laws and district policies.
  • Individuals or groups desiring to donate a gift of funds or tangible property with a value of $100.00 or more to the district must submit a Donations form to the principal or director.
  • All funds and tangible items donated to the district or a student group become district property. The spending of such funds and use of such property will be under the direction of district personnel.
  • Donated computer equipment (hardware and/or software) must support student instructional applications, instructional management applications, administrative applications or office automation that is currently standard within the district.
  • The Donations form, regardless of the dollar amount, must be copied to Dan Schaefer, Chief Financial Officer.
  • All gifts and donations must be in compliance with Board Policies and Administrative Directives (i.e. construction on school property by non-school district organizations).
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