Special Education Personnel Directory

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Executive Director of Special Programs

Dr. Kirsten Allman

Phone: (832)-249-4400

Email: kallman1@kleinisd.net
Special Education Director of Programming & Campus Support

Dr. Dawn Proctor

Phone: (832)249-4242

Email: dproctor@kleinisd.net
Special Education Director of Assessment & Related Services

Amanda Toon

Phone: (832)249-4353

Email: atoon1@kleinisd.net
Director of the Therapeutic Education Program

Jordan Musselman

Phone: (832)249-4365

Email: jmusselman1@kleinisd.net
Compliance Officer for Special Education

Katrena Goldstein

Phone: (832)249-4359

Email: kgoldstein1@kleinisd.net
Foster Care and Crisis Intervention Coordinator

Dr. Crystal Coleman

Phone: (832)249-4397

Email: ccoleman1@kleinisd.net
Coordinator of Appraisal and Psychological Services

Sally Fernandez

Phone: (832)249-4354

Email: sfernandez@kleinisd.net
Special Education Campus Coordinators - Secondary

Dr. Alena Wilson

Phone: (832)249-4391

Email: awilson1@kleinisd.net

Supporting Campuses:

Klein High school

Klein Forest High School

Hofius Intermediate School

Klein Intermediate School

Schindewolf Intermediate School

Strack Intermediate School

Ulrich Intermediate School

Wunderlich Intermediate School

Rebecca Raftery

Phone: (832)249-4398

Email: rraftery1@kleinisd.net

Supporting Campuses:

Klein Cain High School

Klein Collins High School

Klein Oak High School

Kleb Intermediate School

Doerre Intermediate School

Krimmel Intermediate School

Hildebrandt Intermediate School

Special Education Campus Coordinators - Elementary

Alyxandria Schultz

Phone: (832)249-4392

Email: aschultz1@kleinisd.net

Supporting Campuses:

Benfer Elementary

Blackshear Elementary

Ehrhardt Elementary

French Elementary

Lemm Elementary

Mahaffey Elementary

McDougle Elementary

Roth Elementary

Schultz Elementary

Zwink Elementary

Kelli Murray

Phone: (832)249-4387

Email: kmurray1@kleinisd.net

Supporting Campuses:

Benignus Elementary

Brill Elementary

Fox Elementary

Greenwood Forest Elementary

Hassler Elementary

Kaiser Elementary

Klenk Elementary

Kreinhop Elementary

Kohrville Elementary

Nitsch Elementary

Northampton Elementary

Sara Hynes

Phone: (832)249-4341

Email: shynes1@kleinisd.net

Supporting Campuses:

Bernshausen Elementary

Eiland Elementary

Epps Island Elementary

Frank Elementary

Grace England Pre-K Center

Haude Elementary

Krahn Elementary

Kuehnle Elementary

Metzler Elementary

Mueller Elementary

Theiss Elementary

Lead Educational Diagnostician

Allyson McIntosh

Phone: (832)249-4559

Email: amcintosh1@kleinisd.net
Lead Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP)

Emily Brooks

Phone: (832)249-4315

Email: abrooks1@kleinisd.net
Lead Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)

Kelly Henderson

Phone: (832)249-4208

Email: khenderson2@kleinisd.net
Lead Occupational & Physical Therapist

Nancy Ames

Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy & Adapted PE

Phone: (832)249-4338

Email: names1@kleinisd.net
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