Curriculum Refresh

Klein ISD Sets out to Reimagine Learning

Curriculum Refresh

Work continues on Promise2Purpose curriculum refresh project

We are excited about the way we continue to level up our system for students and reimagine learning in Klein ISD. In the last year, we’ve not only increased student pathways resulting in college credit and certifications such as our advanced nursing pathway, but we’ve also increased participation in rigorous coursework like advanced placement and dual credit.

And yet, because we are very serious about the word EVERY in our Promise2Purpose vision, we continue to live into our mission’s specific focus on continuous improvement. To that end, last spring, we asked TASA to conduct an external, deficit audit of our curriculum management system to pinpoint needed areas of improvement and provide recommendations for next steps.

The initial review of the report indicates several key recommendations aligned to Reimagine Learning.

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive curriculum management system that coordinates and focuses all curriculum management functions and tasks across and within departments and schools.
  • Deeply align current benchmark assessments and resources referenced in the district curriculum to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
  • Direct curriculum revision to ensure curriculum documents are of the highest quality and deeply aligned in content, context, and cognitive rigor with high stakes assessments.
  • Redesign web-based curriculum for easier access.

As part of our response to these recommendations we have launched what we are calling our Curriculum Refresh. In the same spirit in which we’ve done all of our Promise2Purpose work, the Curriculum Refresh will be a collaborative and cross-functional project to achieve the goal of developing a clear theory of action for teaching and learning in order to design and deliver an innovative guaranteed and viable curriculum, assessment program, and increased pathways for student success.

We’re excited about the strategic partnerships we’re developing to guide the Curriculum Refresh and the increased and innovative outcomes that will follow for students to be able to achieve their purpose. This team of P2P Investors will help establish a vision for teaching and learning and oversee the work of the content-area design teams. We are excited to share that Vicki Phillips, former director of education for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will help us facilitate this exciting work. We are excited to have Vicki’s expertise in personalized learning and high-quality tech-enabled curriculum and instructional tools guiding us as we Reimagine Learning together.

Curriculum Management Audit report

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