Programs and Services

What types of facilities services will be reduced for campuses?
To maximize our maintenance and custodial staff, non-campus offices and common spaces will be cleaned on a weekly basis instead of a daily basis. Campus common spaces will also be cleaned less frequently. Restrooms in all buildings will continue to be cleaned daily. Mowing for all buildings will be reduced from every 10-14 days to every 12-16 days. In the winter, the heating setpoint will be lowered from 69 degrees to 68 degrees. Currently, the HVAC continues to run 1-½ hours after the last bell of the school day. For the upcoming school year, the HVAC will shut off ½ hour after the last bell. Campuses will still be able to request HVAC for special events.
What about transportation? Will students be impacted?
Some students will have a longer walk to the bus this year. In 2018, the transportation department received an excellent report for its routing efficiency through an external audit. However, due to the reduction in budget, the transportation department was able to further reduce the number of routes, reduce the number of stops and increase the occupancy of buses by increasing the “walk-to-stop” interval. The “walk-to-stop” interval is the distance a student must walk from their home to the nearest bus stop.
What will the budget look like for safety and security next year?
The safety and security of our campuses is always a top priority. A Klein police officer will be assigned to every intermediate and high school. Klein police will continue to patrol our elementary campuses in rotation. Safety and security projects that were funded by the 2015 bond referendum will proceed on a slightly accelerated schedule: elementary security vestibules and doors in open-concept elementary schools. Other projects such as additional fencing and intermediate and high school security vestibules that would have been funded by the TRE are on hold.
Which elementary behavior program is being cut?
No behavior program that was offered in 17-18 is being eliminated in 18-19. All campus-based special education programs will continue. The behavior program mentioned was a new program slated to begin for regular education students in the fall. Its implementation is being suspended at this time. The district will continue to work to strengthen character development and ensure excellent citizenship for all students.
Will we still be having our Convocation (kickoff) this year? If so, how much does that cost?
Yes, Klein Kickoff will be on August 14. However, unlike last year, the district will not provide transportation to and from the event and Champion Forest Baptist Church has generously offered to donate the space at no charge. Employees will be encouraged to carpool, and with the elimination of buses, there will be no cost associated with the kickoff this year.
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