Volunteer General Information

 Klein ISD is not accepting volunteers at this time. Thank you for your continued support and interest. We look forward to welcoming volunteers in the future.

Learn about Klein ISD Volunteer Programs and opportunities, Campus Welcome Centers, and explore FAQs!

Volunteer Programs & Opportunities

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

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Specific Campus Events

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Clinic Screening Volunteers

Volunteers who screen the vision and hearing of students are trained by the Health Services Coordinator of the Klein ISD as required by state law and the Texas Department of Health.

After health volunteers are trained, they assist the school nurse in the initial screening of students for vision and hearing assessment. School nurses organize the vision and hearing screenings and supervise the volunteers.

When vision or hearing problems are noted, volunteers know that students’ lives will be better because of their service for young learners.

CLICK HERE to read important information about requirements such as a confidentiality statement.

Please contact your campus nurse or volunteer coordinator with questions about this opportunity. 

Library Volunteers

Working under the supervision of a school librarian, volunteers assist in operating an important learning center on each campus. Volunteers have the opportunity to assist with reading to students, supervising makerspace activities, assisting in the circulation process, setting up displays, and shelving books.

When volunteers assist in a school library, librarians have more time to use their professional training to work with students and teachers.

Please contact your campus librarian or volunteer coordinator with questions.

Mentoring Program

CLICK HERE to learn more about the the Mentor Program.

Music Appreciation

The Klein ISD Music Appreciation Volunteer Program’s objective is to provide through volunteers and invited guest performers, an enrichment program in music appreciation for the elementary school children of the district, so that students may increase their understanding of and love for music. Any interested volunteer may inquire and participate. Many campuses have a music appreciation volunteer coordinator to help organize the local school program. There is also a volunteer district music coordinator who works to help coordinate the various school programs.

The Klein Music Appreciation Program through volunteers, recruited within each school, offers grade-appropriate programs which introduce the instruments of the orchestra. Also offered is a Pre-K–3rd Grade forty-five-minute puppet show “The Musical Kid” which, with the assistance of an enthusiastic young puppet, introduces the families and instruments of the orchestra to the students. This is an upbeat puppet presentation requiring a narrating volunteer, volunteers for six puppets and someone to run the CD player. The same script is available in Spanish. There is also a Spanish CD which contains the entire script already preformed; volunteers are needed to work the puppets, and someone to run the CD player.

Surrogate Parent Programs

 to learn more about the the Surrogate Parent Programs.

Volunteer Art

Volunteers who participate in the art appreciation program provide enrichment for students to increase personal awareness and build feelings of competence and self-worth. Students view the art created by themselves and others in ways that promote the "value" of art as an important part of society.

The Art in Our Lives program reflects the interests and talents of each school’s volunteers and members of the community.

Mini-museums, sets of art prints and hands-on activities, allow students to learn about various periods of art in a discovery session format.

An art coordinator at each elementary school is ready to answer questions about the art appreciation program and to enlist new volunteers.

Welcome Centers

What is a Klein ISD School Welcome Center?

All Klein ISD schools have provided an area in the school office, lobby or hallway on the campus that would provide information to parents and visitors to the schools. The district’s Web site www.kleinisd.net has comprehensive information about services and programs for students, but is aware that not all families have internet access at home. Because schools are strategically located in all areas of the district and near neighborhoods, a computer is available at the center for visitor use. The Web site provides services such as extensive campus information, instructional program, and curriculum offerings, bus routes and pick up locations as well as options to buy lunch online.

Since the number of services to parents and community will continue to increase with the speed of technology advancements, the service of a computer set to the District’s Web site is a convenience offered to residents of the Klein ISD.

Welcome Center may or may not have a staff member or Volunteer on site, but a staff member is always willing to help you initiate a search for information on the Web site if help is needed.

What does a Welcome Center look like?

Each school center will be individualized to meet the specific needs of the school community where it is located. Space and location will dictate the Welcome Center’s design and look. Some PTO and service clubs may supplement the design element of the center. The District provides basic supplies and distributes printed materials. Schools may customize the center to meet the needs of the community.

welcome center

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the volunteers?

Volunteers are parents, grandparents, representatives from the business community, and other concerned and dedicated people who give generously of their time in the Klein schools to support the professional staff and enrich the educational experiences of more than 45,000 students. Since 1970 when the KISD Volunteer Program was created, volunteers have enhanced the schools by sharing their talents and resources.

What do volunteers do?

In the classrooms, volunteers serve as tutors, make special presentations, and read to students. In the school clinics, libraries, and office areas, volunteers provide clerical assistance. At the Wunderlich Farm complex, volunteers serve as docents who share our community’s history with students.

When do volunteers help?

Schools work with volunteers to match volunteers’ skills, interests, and time to school projects. Most volunteers serve during the school day. Some take-home projects to complete at their leisure. Members of booster clubs often show their commitment after school hours and on the weekends at performances and competitions.

Where do volunteers help?

Volunteers serve in all KISD schools and at the Wunderlich Farm complex. Typically, parents and grandparents serve where their children and grandchildren attend school. Business and community members are matched with schools that need their support.

Volunteer Guidelines
  • A good volunteer is consistent, dependable, interested in making a difference, respectful and appreciative of teachers and students, and faithful to commitments.

  • Volunteers are role models for students in behavior, speech, and dress.

  • When persons are on duty as volunteers, the district requests that they dress in conformity with the teachers’ dress code.

  • Volunteers will sign a roster upon arrival at the school. This written record allows the school to know who is in the building and keep a record of volunteer hours.

  • Volunteers wear name badges provided by the school as a security measure and as recognition of the value the school places on its volunteers.
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