Campus Energy Activity

Solar Panel

Klenk Elementary'sField Trip to Kleb Solar Panel

The Klenk Elementary 5th grade Science classes (157 students) took a field trip to see the Solar Panal at Kleb Intermediate. Mrs. Bennettexplained how the panal works and how it can save energy.

UV Bracelets without sunshine

Chad Corbitt, our Energy Manageralso gave a presentation on Solar energy. The students made bracelets out of UV Beads.When inside the building the beads will not change color because the light energy that comes from our light bulbs is not ultraviolet light energy.



UV Bracelets outside in the sunshine!

When the UV beads are in sunlight they will change color because of the ultraviolet light energy from the sun.

The "Green Team" at Theiss Elementary

Deanne Chadinha sponsors the "Green Team" at Theiss Elementary. They are involved in "We can Change the World" competition and are very active in the Watt Watcher Program. Due to all of their hard work, they were awarded the WATT WATCHER flag on October 19, 2011.



Environmental Club at Krimmel Elementary

Holly Walsh and Sandra Van Fleet at Krimmel Elementary head up the Environmental Club. They were awarded the Watt Watcher Flag on December 2, 2010 for their participation in the Watt Watcher Program.

Watt Watcher Flag

Marion Reed and Leah Ripley have implemented the Watt Watcher Program at Mueller Elementary. Their students participate in weekly Watt Watcher "patrols." Students and faculty are taking an active part in saving the district energy. On March 26, 2010 they were presented the Watt Watcher Flag for their efforts.



Solar Cooking

At Brill Elementary, Wilma Mysak's class used Pringles' cans to cook hot dogs.

Saving Energy in Klein ISD Kitchens

Our kitchens will be the most energy efficient kitchen in KISD. Click to see why.


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