P2P AP Pipeline

What is the P2P AP Pipeline?
The P2P AP Pipeline is a group of high potential candidates who have been admitted into district-wide pipeline and are eligible for hire as an Assistant Principal at any school in Klein ISD. 

Once candidates are admitted into the P2P AP pipeline, they may apply for any Assistant Position in Klein ISD via Applitrack. At that point in the process, Principals will be able to review applicants and invite candidates to interview in-person.
The P2P AP Pipeline enables Principals to identify individuals who are both highly qualified and ready to serve as Assistant Principals in Klein ISD. In addition, it creates a network of candidates who will learn and growth into leadership together.
How does the P2P AP Pipeline work?
The P2P AP Pipeline is a built-in component of Klein ISD’s new AP selection process. After a candidate applies to be an Assistant Principal and passes through an initial HR screen, each candidate’s application materials will be reviewed by a cross-section of Klein ISD staff. This group – the Applicant Review Committee – will work to identify the candidates who exemplify the characteristics and traits needed to be an effective Assistant Principal in Klein through the lens of Klein’s Profile of a Leader document.
When are applicants admitted into the pipeline?
The AP selection process will occur at minimum four times per year. At those times, the Applicant Review Committee will review all applications and invite qualified candidates into the P2P AP Pipeline. (See more information on the Applicant Review Committee on the Applicant Review Committee section of the website).

After being admitted into the AP Pipeline, candidates are eligible to apply for any Assistant Principal opening in the district. Candidates will remain in the pipeline until they are selected for an AP position, or for one year. Candidates may remain in the pipeline a maximum of three years before they must re-apply and re-submit their application to be in the AP Pipeline.
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