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The class will consist of:

  • Awareness of the Clinic Assistant Role
    • Filing and secretarial skills
    • Covering the campus duties of the Clinic assistant such as cafeteria and carpool duties
    • Charting student care in a software program
    • Assisting students with minor first aid
    • Following care directives from the school nurse
  • Training in providing minor first aid
  • Basic training in the use of the health record software  

Suitable candidates are those who are compassionate, can use Microsoft operating systems such as Outlook and Word.  Can manage body fluids such as blood, vomit, and urine.  Can file alphabetically. There is a great need for Clinic Assistant Subs, therefore Educational Assistant Substitutes who want to attend this training should email, as there are only 10 spots available in the class.

Substitutes can come to HR Services to receive ID Badges. 

NOTICE: If you are interested in part-time tutoring opportunities for grades K-12 in Math, Reading, and Writing, please email resume to Dipan Jethwa at

Absence Management (Aesop)
GTG and CSR are not related to the sub assignment. Please disregard and just look at the grade level. 
BILI = Bilingual
CTE = Career and Technical Education
ELA = English Language Arts
LOTE = Language other than English (Spanish, French or German)
SPED = Special Education
COT = Co-Teacher
Supplemental = for vacancy or for rotation through multiple rooms.
Absence Management (Aesop) Quickstart Guide for Substitutes
Review the Substitute Guide Overview document.
Absence Management (Aesop) Quickstart Guide for Employees
Review the Quickstart Guide for Employees document.

Substitute Positions Available - Long Term
Want to Become a Substitute?
Apply online at

Requirements for Substitute Teacher = 60 college credits
Must provide official transcript or evaluation.
Pay: $80/day non-degreed, $90/day Bachelor degree without Texas teaching certificate, $95/day with Texas teaching certificate.

Requirements for Substitute Education Aide/Clerical = High School graduate
Must provide copy of HS diploma, GED, or college transcript.
Pay: $80/day Clerical, $80/day Special Education EA, $70/day for all other education aides.

We also need certified Cosmetology instructors and Nurses as substitutes. Cosmetology subs must hold current cosmetology instructor license. Campus nurse subs must hold valid RN license.
Sub Specialist Contact
Substitute Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Substitute Pay Calendar
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