SMART tag Parent Portal


Klein ISD’s new transportation parent portal provides real-time bus stop alerts, so parents and guardians know exactly when to head to the designated location. Parents can now log in and view their child's bus route, see estimated arrival times, and receive alerts for any delays or changes to the schedule. We encourage all families to take advantage of this new resource and log in to the SMART tag transportation parent portal today.


Q: I’m about to complete the registration. I’ve confirmed it’s my child, but the parent name is not mine. How can I edit the name?
A: SMART tag™ pulls in data from our student information systems (SIS). The name you see is the parent name associated with your child in the SIS. There is not a way for you to edit this from the Parent Portal. We recommend you proceed with the registration using your email address. Once completed, you can reach out to the school district transportation department or the campus registrar to have the name corrected.
Q: Why don’t all of my children show up on my account? How can I add additional students to my account?
A: As a safety and security protocol, SMART tag™ only allows a parent or guardian to register for one student to create the account. After the registration has been completed and you have access to the Parent Portal, you will be able to add your other students.
Q: My spouse or other family member would like to create their own Parent Portal Account. How do they create one?

A: You can create additional Parent Portal Accounts by following the same registration process the first parent did using the following link: After entering the required information for one (1) child, you’ll receive a message indicating that there is already a registered primary parent for that student. If you want to create a co-parent account, you can proceed by entering the required username/password to create your account.

Please Note: This will only register you as the co-parent for one (1) child. If you have other children that you need to add to your account, you can add them by using the “Add Student” feature.

Q: I’m trying to add my phone number for notifications. Why am I not receiving the verification key?

A: Verification keys should arrive in less than 5 minutes. Sometimes, delays occur due to SMS traffic or issues from the cell phone providers. If you haven’t received a verification key after 1 hour, please email [email protected] and provide the following information:

  • Brief description of the issue
  • Your child’s school district

  • Your child’s Student ID Number

  •  The cell phone number you’re trying to add and carrier name.


Q: How do I add a second phone number to receive SMART Alerts? Is there a limit to how many phone numbers I can set up to receive SMART Alerts?
A: SMART tag™ currently only supports one (1) cell phone number per Parent Portal Account. However, a co-parent, family member, or guardian can create their own Parent Portal Account and register their own cell phone number. While there can only be one primary parent, there is no limit to co-parents for each student.
Q: Why am I not receiving SMART Alerts?

A: There could be several reasons why you are not receiving SMART Alerts. Please verify the following information to make sure your account is set up correctly to receive alerts.

  • Ensure you have the correct phone number on the account
  • Ensure you have the correct phone carrier selected
  • Ensure that you have completed the verification process for your phone number
  • Verify that SMART Alerts are checked for each individual student, including AM and PM if desired
  • Verify that a route/s is assigned to your child

  •  Verify that the route/s assigned to your child matches the actual route/s they're taking


If the preceding information is correct and you are still not receiving SMART Alerts, please contact the transportation department. See contact info at the top and bottom of this page.

Q: Will my child be allowed to ride the bus if they lose their SMART tag™ card?

A: If your student’s card becomes lost or misplaced, please have the card replaced as soon as possible.  Manual loading and unloading of students slows down the process and can cause significant route delays.

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