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Klein ISD Anti-Bullying Resources

Anti-Bullying Resources for Parents
Anti-Bullying Resources for Parents (Spanish)
Bullying Prevention Handout
Cyberbullying: A Resource for School Social Workers & Parents

Klein ISD takes bullying seriously. Bullying has been the focus of several recent local news reports, and Klein ISD wants you to be aware of the district’s stance on this national problem.

Klein ISD’s bullying policy, taken directly from the elementary, intermediate, and high school handbooks, is as follows: “Bullying will not be tolerated. For purposes of this handbook, bullying is defined as hitting, kicking, teasing, threatening, taunting, assaulting, or any other form of written, verbal, physical or electronic (cyberbullying) harassment toward another student. Should students feel as though they are victims of bullying or believe that other students have experienced bullying, it is imperative that a teacher, counselor, or administrator be notified immediately. All complaints will be promptly investigated and if bullying is substantiated, immediate corrective action will be taken.”

We want you to know that we are committed to providing our children with a safe environment in which they may grow and learn.

More information about the district’s bullying policy can be found at FFI (Local) or at the campus administration office.

BoysKlein ISD also participates in the ADL’s “No Place for Hate” program,” an initiative which provides educators and students with the resources to ensure that anti-bias and diversity education are an integral part of learning. Thirty-six of our campuses have No Place for Hate clubs and that number grows each year.


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