Back to School Checklists


1. Check out
2. Purchase school supplies
3. Update required immunizations
4. Verify bus route
5. Get back into sleep routine
6. Reduce screen time
7. Read 30 minutes daily
8. Practice math, sight words & writing
9. Attend Meet the teacher in August
10. Check campus website for updates

Setting a back-to-school routine will help reduce stress & anxiety for the whole family.


_ 1. Check out
2. Read 30 minutes daily. Look on for electronic books on Overdrive
3. Purchase school supplies
4. Verify bus route
5. Update required immunizations
6. Reduce screen time
7. Think about joining a club or sport
8. Set up a daily planner
9. Get to know your 1 to 1 device in August
10. Check your campus website for updates

Create a homework station with all necessary items for completing assignments.

High School

1. Register for a Khan Academy account and link PSAT scores
2. Begin PSAT/SAT Prep
3. Apply for college scholarships
4. Take a dual credit or AP course
5. Volunteer in your community
6. Check your campus website for updates
7. Follow @KleinISD on Instagram
8. Update required immunizations
9. Sort through clothing; donate or hand down what does not fit
10. Create a common homework space and charging station

Take care of yourself and be kind to others. Ask for help if needed.

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