Klein Family Serves

On Saturday, March 28, 2020, Klein students will come together for a day of service called Klein Family Serves! This student-led event is an opportunity for students to give back to the community that continuously supports our schools by working together on different service projects.

“Since the time we were born, this community has done so much for us. These businesses and organizations have seen us through,” said 2018-19 Klein High School student leader, Ayisat Abegbindin. “We think it’s important for them to know we appreciate them. We want to give back to the community that has given so much to us.”

Submit Community Service Projects or Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have a Service Project or Volunteer Opportunity our Klein Family can tackle on our Day of Service? Some examples of previous volunteer opportunities are:

  • Serving at charity events such as fundraiser walks & campus carnivals
  • Working on needed projects at vet hospitals
  • Visiting and playing games with residents at local senior centers
  • Working on gardening projects
  • Washing first responder vehicles
  • Working in neighborhoods and at businesses on beautification projects 
  • Tutoring elementary students

Use your imagination! We want to help and serve you in ways that meet your needs as part of our community.

Click the button or visit http://kisd.us/project

Klein Family Hubs

Each of the five high schools below will serve as a “family hub,” where students will begin their day and then be transported to different service project locations in our community. Students will work with their feeder pattern for the day of service.

Klein High School
Kleb Intermediate
Benfer Elementary
Brill Elementary
Ehrhardt Elementary
Kuehnle Elementary
Mittelstädt Elementary
Theiss Elementary

Klein Forest High School
Vistas High School
Klein Intermediate
Wunderlich Intermediate
Eiland Elementary
Epps Island Elementary
Grace England ECC
Greenwood Forest Elementary
Kaiser Elementary
Klenk Elementary
McDougle Elementary
Nitsch Elementary

Klein Oak High School
Hildebrandt Intermediate
Hofius Intermediate
Krimmel Intermediate
Benignus Elementary
French Elementary
Mahaffey Elementary
Metzler Elementary
Mueller Elementary
Northampton Elementary
Schultz Elementary

Klein Collins High School
Schindewolf Intermediate
Strack Intermediate
Haude Elementary
Kreinhop Elementary
Lemm Elementary
Roth Elementary
Zwink Elementary

Klein Cain High School
Doerre Intermediate
Ulrich Intermediate
Bernshausen Elementary
Blackshear Elementary
Frank Elementary
Hassler Elementary
Kohrville Elementary
Krahn Elementary

Student Leaders

Each family hub has High School Student Leaders who will work together to plan and run the day of service. A Student Leader is a high school student who was chosen through a selection process at the beginning of the school year and:

  • Has a passion for community service
  • Has experience volunteering
  • Is committed to after-school meetings with reliable transportation
  • Will put in the necessary work to plan an amazing event

Klein Family Legacy of Service

Check out this news article and video about last year's Klein Serves day of service led by Klein High School, the inspiration for our district-wide Klein Family Serves! They had more than 850 Klein High students volunteer to serve at more than 20 locations in and around the community.
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