Dual Language

For More Information Contact...

Sandra Speer
Principal, Brill Elementary

9102 Herts Road Klein, TX 77379
832-484-6150 sspeer@kleinisd.net

Betty Zavala
Principal, Kaiser Elementary

13430 Bammel N. Houston Road Klein, TX 77066
832-484-6100 nzavala2@kleinisd.net

Allie Martin
Principal, Klenk Elementary

6111 Bourgeois Road Klein, TX 77066
832-484-6800 amartin4@kleinisd.net

Katie Turner
Principal, Zwink Elementary

22200 Frassati Way Klein, TX 77389
832-375-7800 cturner3@kleinisd.net

Kathy Vergara 
Instructional Officer, Multilingual

4411 Louetta Road, Klein, TX 77388
832-249-4348 kvergara1@kleinisd.net

Department of Multilingual Services
Teaching & Learning Center

4411 Louetta Road, Klein, TX 77388

Klein ISD's Dual Language Program offers a Spanish Program and Vietnamese Pathway. The Dual Language Design Team began building the program in 2018 from the ground up based on best practice and research. Brill, Kaiser, Klenk, and Zwink Elementary offer the Spanish Program. Klenk Elementary also offers the Vietnamese Pathway.

Students receive instruction in both languages beginning in Kindergarten with a plan to add a grade level each subsequent year. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to reimagine learning and build community through language pathways.


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